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10 Signs that you are undergoing Spiritual transformation…

Here are the 10 Signs that you are undergoing Spiritual transformation…

Are you experiencing any of these signs ??

  1. You will easily get bored:                                                                                                                                                     Even though you have everything in life, like a good job, Relationships, rich life, all these things won’t give you satisfaction. Something still bothers you and you will easily get bored with the materialistic world.
  1. You prefer solitude than being in a crowd:1

As you become aware of your consciousness, you seek more answers and more solitude than spending your time in
crowded places. Solitude is the only place where you can talk to your inner self.

  1. You will have visions of serenity and emptiness:2

This is the sign of your inner transformation, during this sign you will have flashes of serene places (Places that will exist only in dreams), indicating infinity and vacuum.

  1. You will observe the patterns everywhere you see:

Life After Death 2This universe is a giant fractal with perfect geometrical structure and patterns. As you become more conscious, the world appears differently than in normal. You will see patterns everywhere. You will see the energy everywhere. You will see an absolute reality instead of materialistic reality.

  1. Your intuition works better and more effectively than in normal:

18d09781c2e9f9e804a6ea43c90bb6ca.400x300x1In normal life, your nature is inert and well-adjusted to the materialistic reality. Even though your higher self  is giving a lot of signs, you won’t recognize them as you ignore your intuition because of your inertness and ignorance. But as you become more conscious, your intuition works better and your ability to observe the signs of your higher self will get enhanced.

  1. You start seeing synchronicities in your life

6During your spiritual transformation, you will come across meaningful coincidences in life. For many awakening souls, the phenomenon of synchronicity provides a direct and unmistakable encounter with the mysteries of the spiritual path.  Because the experience has particular meaning to the individual involved, it has the power to open a door to “the world of meaning,” which is the world of the soul in the wisdom teachings.

  1. You lose fear and start thinking that everything happens for a reason


Ignorance brings fear and emotions. Once you start transforming, you will observe a change where you just forget about fearing things and start analysing its source. If something has gone bad, Instead of crying you try to think and understand that there is always a behind everything.

  1. Change in work and lifestyle

As we awaken to who we really are, what we once felt passionate about changes. We may have taken a certain job because of unconscious conditioning and now that we are free of that, we lose interest and want something different. And even as we touch into our passion in one area, we shift our consciousness and what we desire changes with it. There may be an in-between time of no passion or interest, but this shifts too.

buy modafinil bangkok 9. Feeling of being connected to everything and everyone

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This connection gets stronger and stronger. You feel you are one with all living beings and nature. You understand the impact of each and every one of your words, thoughts, and actions, on the rest of the world, and you feel deeply responsible for it. You now want to use your impact to the most positive way, having understood that you are part of this “oneness”.

  1. Deep sadness/compassion about the suffering in the world


A spiritual transformation is not always the best feeling in the world. It can often be accompanied by strong feelings of despair and sadness when becoming more and more aware of all the suffering in the world, even depression for some people. But it’s quite normal during your transformation. It’s all about deep understanding about the material world.



One thought on “10 Signs that you are undergoing Spiritual transformation…

  • May 22, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Yes there have been a lot of coincidence s occurring for me and my children and grandchildren … that are so meaningful to only us it’s quite eerie……. also I see colours and patterns especially in the trees and bushes …like they are glowing……and I once dreamt I was hovering in the sky looking down at the earth and it was black like it had been burnt to the ground. ……a vivid dream and like it was real …..I felt sad and helpless


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