Samadhi: Ultimate stage of Meditation Part2

As mentioned in “Samadhi:  Ultimate stage of Meditation Part1” there are two levels of  Samadhi

 1. Unconscious Samadhi

2.Conscious Samadhi

 1. Unconscious Samadhi

In Unconscious Samadhi again there are two different levels

1.Laya Samadhi 

2.Sahaja Samadhi

  1. Laya Samadhi 

The Laya Samadhi is the potential level of Samadhi. It begins in deep meditation like in the form dancing or singing. Laya Samadhi is a state of joy, deep and general well-being, and peaceful meditation. It is still largely unconscious, similar to a dreamless, deep sleep. But in reality one does not sleep – rather one has a happy spiritual experience. In Laya Samadhi one forgets everything – the thoughts stand still and one experiences deep inner joy, harmony, peace and bliss. This first level of Samadhi can be reached by anyone after a few years of Yoga practice – for example, during or after practicing Pranayama (Control of Breath). or in Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep).

  1. Sahaja Samadhi

Sahaja Samadhi is generally associated with intense feelings of love and devotion.

Sahaja Samadhi is a beautiful experience and its effects are slightly discernable in the waking consciousness. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t last for long. It is similar to a light trance from which one awakens after a few minutes. Laya Samadhi and Sahaja Samadhi could be called “samples” of Samadhi that inspire and motivate us to strive further so that one day we are able to enter Samadhi consciousness with full awareness and remain there for a long period of time.

In Conscious Samadhi, We are able to experience two levels.

1.Savikalpa Samadhi

2.Nirvikalpa Samadhi

  1. Savikalpa Samadhi

Savikalpa means “with movement (of the mind)”. This type of Samadhi is also known as Samadhi with seed and Samadhi with differentiation. In Savikalpa Samadhi emotions, thoughts and desires still exist – partly conscious and partly as the subconscious or unconscious Karmic seeds. But in Nirvikalpa Samadhi no more thoughts whatsoever exist; not one “seed” of a desire or Karma remains.

When a pebble is thrown into the water circular ripples are created that reproduce and spread outwards. And so it is with every situation, every impression in our lives – “waves” are produced in our minds, just as with the pebble thrown into the water, and these reproduce and spread in our consciousness. Once the mind becomes still, we are able to advance to the Supreme Consciousness.

again there are two levels in Savikalpa Samadhi

Enlightenment and

Astral Travel



During the experience of Savikalpa Samadhi, once the mind becomes still one passes into sleep, and sleep into dream and then we experience Inner Enlightenment. Enlightenment already begins in the Agya Chakra. The closer we come to the Sahasrara Chakra, the more radiant the light becomes until ultimately all forms dissolve and our inner space is filled with a radiant light, brighter than a thousand suns. We perceive a wonderful, all-pervasive sound (like the sound of OM sung by a thousand voices), and the door to the Infinite opens before our inner eye. A new, fascinating world full of wonder and mystery now unfolds in front of us, different to anything we ever imagined or conceived. It now lies with us whether we would like to continue with this experience or again withdraw to normal consciousness. For an aspirant whose heart is filled with a burning desire for the Divine Light the meditation is not disturbed and continues. But if fear, doubt and uncertainty surface then we should stop the practice and consult the Master.

Astral Travel

The next level of Samadhi is reached in the astral world. After we entered in to the astral world we experience a purification process in our Soul and feel that the layers of the energy are beginning to dissolve. We arrive in the pure, Divine Light that saturates the Soul.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi


Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the state of pure happiness and absolute peace. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi the life form quenches its lifelong thirst for fulfillment and experiences Divine, absolute and unchanging bliss. It releases itself from the limitations of individuality and merges with the Divine Self, the Supreme Consciousness. It experiences itself as the “center” of the Universe – as supreme soul, as God.

There is no suffering, no pain and no problems in the Divine Consciousness – everything is perfect. There are no wishes, no longing – no knower,  no object and no knowledge; neither time nor space. There is only undivided existence. The identification of the individual person and individuality dissolves in the all-encompassing Cosmic Self.


In Nirvikalpa Samadhi we attain liberation. But this final stage cannot be attained through any technique or practice – it is totally dependent upon Divine Grace. Sooner or later everyone will attain liberation– either in this life or another. When the time is ripe we find ourselves in a state of constant development – but the right moment must be there. Many people maintain that someone who has attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and therefore liberation, cannot live much longer. There are, however, two types of Realization. Some experience Self-Realization with full consciousness and continue to live afterward as a Realized and liberated soul in order to pass their knowledge on. Others, however, experience enlightenment and liberation only when they leave the body. Qualitatively there is no difference. Those who attain liberation at the end of their mortal life are liberated and realized in the same way as those who have attained Self-Realization during their earthly existence.

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